Our story actually began around 1994 when a Sunday School teacher's heart was pricked for a small community just out side of Auburn, Alabama; Notasulga (No-tu-sul-ga). He began to pray that the Lord would send a preacher there to start a church. He told his wife about this burden and she prayed along with him. They did not mention this to anyone but God.

Time passed and the Sunday School teacher,  Brother Danny,  continued to teach teens. It was always evident that he loved teaching youth and had a great desire to help them live right and love God.  He often times went far beyond expectations of Sunday School Teachers because his love was so great for the teenagers in his classes. There were fellowships at his house, trips to amusement parks and of course teen camp.  

In 1996, Brother Danny practically begged a group of teens to attend Venture of Faith Youth Camp in Lake Park, Georgia.  After all the whining and complaining they agreed to go.  Hearts were changed. Revival broke out in the teen group and spilled into the rest of the church. 

It was there the Lord, in all his goodness, called a Sunday School teacher to preach. Brother Danny surrendered to the Lord's call and within 3 years became the Pastor of Landmark Baptist Church in Lineville, Alabama.  God Blessed!

Brother Danny continued praying for Notasulga and that God would send someone there to start a church.  

In 2007,  Pastor Danny Rodgers received a phone call from one of "his" teens, Jason McCarty, that he had taken on that infamous  trip to Venture of Faith.  He was now living in the small community and had prayed himself for a few years that the Lord would allow someone to start a work in Notasugla so his family would have a local church to attend and serve. He did not know Pastor Rodgers had already prayed for this area for about 13 years.  So together they prayed and searched for the "right man" to pastor a church there.

In July 2008, Missionary Ken Fowler agreed to come and help them get started. In September 2008, Christ's Gospel Baptist Church had it's first service in a storefront building between an Auto Parts Store and old Restaurant building.  We had 13 in attendance and could see the hand of God move.  We were having Sunday School, regular Sunday Morning Services, Sunday Night meetings and even Wednesday Night Prayer.  We were excited!

In April, the Missionary decided that the Lord did not attend for him to stay.  The church was very sad to see him go.  Jason decided to call his youth teacher turned Pastor, Brother Danny Rodgers, again and ask him to be in prayer.  We really needed a Pastor now. The community had already seen us meeting and some had even come to visit.  We did not want to just quit!

Pastor Rodgers committed to help us pray and he did pray.  His wife also prayed. She prayed without ceasing!  You see Mrs Rodgers was more than an hour from her grandchildren and if they moved to Notasulga she could live right next door!  She did not tell her husband how she was praying but she told God all about it. God heard the prayers of this loving grandmother and moved Pastor and Mrs. Rodgers to Christ's Gospel Baptist Church.

In February 2013,  we currently have 57 members and are bursting at the seams of a small store front building.  So far God has allowed us to purchase 7 acres of land and  we are actively in the construction phase of our building program.  We have poured a concrete slab, blocked up a building, put on the roof, framed classroom walls, put in windows and exterior doors all DEBT FREE! God truly has blessed.

If you need to know more about Christ's Gospel Baptist Church please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Check back with us often. I plan to have pictures of the construction as it progresses.